An evaluation board is nothing but a circuit board that is used by mostly used by engineers of different specialisation. The evaluation board is also called as a development board or a microprocessor development board. It is a printed circuit board that lets an engineer work on it with the minimal support that is required to test prototypes and different hardware applications. An evaluation board looks a bit different and half-built. So here we are going to explain further what an evaluation board is, its purpose and its advantages.

Development of an evaluation board:

Have you looked at this development board? There is nothing pretty about it. It simply looks like a half-built abandoned hardware system. But it has been tremendously helpful to engineers who wish to test different things under electrical lab conditions.  There is nothing called the user interface in an evaluation board, and for the same reason, they do not look user-friendly.

A development board looks this way because of the purpose that they were trying to serve. A development board, right from the days of its inception was predominantly used under laboratory conditions. It was always used by engineers and not by the general public, nor was it a consumer product. Since it always served the purpose of a lab apparatus engineers felt it ok. That is why these boards give us a half-built feeling.

When and why it was built?

As far as the history of a development board was concerned, it was developed during the period when engineered products were brought into the consumer market. It became the world of the engineers and the others in the technical team to check if the sample product worked well to make sure that they were good for launch. A development board was not built for entertainment purpose, and this is one among the reasons as to why it had a rough look. In a technically developed world like this, even today we can see using making use of evaluation boards to test stuff.

Interesting features:

We have already stated enough as to why didn’t carry a grand look. It rather looked simple with zero elegance. This lab assistant has ripped off the superfluous parts that would make it look good. Because it didn’t serve a purpose nor it would. Since it didn’t carry a finished product look, most people who are out of the engineering filed looked at it as some kind of unfished product. To our surprise, every evaluation board is a complete product that provides its service to the engineers of the industry. It has ROM system built into it, and the first of these types were called as KIM which means Keyboard Input Monitor. All these boards work on computer language as they weren’t normalised with user-interface that can support common languages like computers and other modern-day gadgets.