Almost all of us are living and thriving on the existence of apps. Apps reduce the burden of our work and make our lives easy. Apps belong to a lot of genres, and the multimedia and entertainment type are the largest among them all. The usage of these apps hasn’t gone down since the days of their entry. Along with entertaining people they have also proven to be helpful. So here are some of the best multimedia and entertainment apps available on Android platform.

Talking tom:

Though there are a lot of high-level games that are available in the market and a lot of them have become extremely good and updated in the recent days, The Talking Tom is still adored by a lot of people for the work it does. In the Talking Tom app, the interface is designed in such a way that it helps the AI in it mimic the voice of the user. A single app can mimic almost any voice that it hears including other vocal expressions such as laughter.


How would it be if you had a personalised radio that would only your favourite type of music and also helps you find the ones that are similar to it? Yes, it would be cool, and that is what this Pandora app does. Install the app, and now you can have a radio that is completely personalised. Tell the app your favourite type of music and the app will take care of the rest. The app also helps you to set and play music according to your mood. In simple words, it the app will dance according to your tunes and one place for all music lovers.


Rightly speaking doubleTwist is not an Android app but an interface that helps connect other devices with an Android phone. It is actually a PC app and can be installed only on the PC. doubleTwist is a media synchronisation app and can install it on your PC. Then you can gain access to your mobile phone access the library files like music and photos and exchange and store it between devices.


Who needs an actual remote now when you can already convert your smartphones into remote? With the launch of this app called the Gmote people are able to make this happen right from where they are sitting. This Gmote app enables the user to use his smartphone as a remote. This will give the user wireless access to a lot of stuff such as iTunes and photo library.


The best book app ever. With the launch of this app, almost all e-reading devices have gone down. Killing the need for all the expensive devices this one app that is available on the Android platform has come handy to support all the book lovers and readers of different fields, and it supports books in numerous genres. With a pleasing interface that supports long hours of reading, it is one of the best android apps. Read More