IEI announced the release of it’s new Linux-driven “Puzzle” series of IU rackmount network appliances and uCPE systems. They come jam packed with VNF (virtual network functions) support and your choice of Intel Coffee Lake, Armada 8040, NXP LS2088, AMD Epyc 3000, and Cavium Octeon CPU’s.

These new Puzzle branded 1U network appliances support VNF’s and real-time SD-WAN (software-defined wide-area network) services.

In addition, these Linux-powered rackmounts can be used for uCPE systems with a variety of x86 arms and processors.

The upcoming Puzzle-A001 and A002 system run Ubuntu. The Puzzle-A001 is the high-end model and includes 4x 10GbE SPF+ and 8x GbW RJ45 ports. It has an optional smart NIC which increases Network & IP Monitoring performance and provides functions such as virtualization and packet processing via Additional Packet Analyzing software.

The Puzzle-A002 is the lower end of the two and has 6x GbE ports and a mini-PCIe slot. It also includes 2x PCIe x4 slots.

As an alternative for both models, the AMD R-Series SoC is available.

What IEI calls an “entry level” system, the Puzzle-M801 system works on the Marvell Amada 8040. The quad-core, 2GHz Cortex-A72 based Armada 8040 recently appeared on a SolidRun CEx7 A8040 COM Express Type 7 module, which drives the ClearFog CX 8K SBC.

According to IEI, the Puzzle-M801 has a “brilliant AI hardware ready system ideal for deep learning inference computing.”

The following Puzzle family comparison chart will give you some more information on each product:

The following Puzzle uCPE chart explains the features:

No pricing is available yet for the Puzzle series of network appliances but the Puzzle-IN001 and Puzzle-IN002 are ready for order.

According to IEI, all of the Puzzle systems will ship with a Puzzle Finder software API used for “developing environment and network applications.”

The API comes rich with features such as:

  • Resource monitoring
  • Version Maintenance
  • Software Installation
  • Software updates
  • Sytem Management
  • Information on CPU, Memory, Internet, etc.

For more information, visit the Puzzle-IN001 and IN002 product page here.

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